University Preparation Programme

Students will be asked about the university (or universities) to which they intend to apply, what their predicted exam grades are and what subject(s) they intend to follow.

During the programme students will be guided through the different university and subject options available in the UK, how the different universities are structured both academically & administratively and what is offered from an extra curricular point of view. The programme will include visits to different universities

Assistance will be given on the how to apply, how to submit a UCAS application, assistance with interview techniques and how to put together a good personal statement. There will be mock interviews and opportunities to get feedback & advice on the whole application process.

In summary, the aim is for students who attend

  • to be clear as to what a UK university offers and how it is structured;
  • to be clear as to what makes a good personal statement;
  • to understand good interview techniques
  • to be clear how the UCAS application system works;
  • to have a clearer idea as to which course suits their needs best