Academic Year Programmes


Project International acts for over 30 independent (private) schools (some girls only, some boys only, some mixed, some highly academic, others less so, some big, some small) and places children from overseas in such schools as full time boarders  normally with a view to going on to a degree course in a British University.

We can cater for children aged from 10 to 18 years and, as an ex Head of Department in a top English boarding school, our Managing Director is ideally placed to recommend the most suitable school for a particular individual. This is done in consultation with the parents or an agent representing such parents.

Project International can assist the parent, or agent, in one of three ways:

  1. Project International, after discussion with the parent/agent, will recommend a school (or schools) and makes the necessary introduction. The agent/parent then deals directly with the school, completing all paperwork etc. No charge is made for this service by Project International.
  2. As for option 1 above but Project International assists with all paperwork and acts as a local agent prior to entry. A charge is made for this service some of which is refunded if the student proceed with one of the selected schools.
  3. As with option 2 above but Project International can also assist with guardianships, transport at start/end of each term and generally be a point of contact in the UK post entry, providing peace of mind for the parent. A charge is made depending on amount of support required.


When attending school in the UK as an overseas student, it is a legal requirement to have a named guardian. This of course can be a friend or relative of the student. However, where this is not the case, a guardianship company is often used.

Project International provide a basic (but wholly sufficient) guardianship service at a very affordable price. Contact Head Office for details.


For older children (aged 16-18) we also offer a large number of government run schools for one term or one semester (September – end January or January to end May). The cost is roughly half that of private schools and students live with carefully selected host families near to the school they attend.

Example areas:

  • Devon
  • East Anglia
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire
  • South Wales
  • Sussex
  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • North West