Project are a leading incoming youth tour operator to the UK with experience dating back to 1986 and a reputation for quality, safety and attention to detail.

Our summer youth programmes have attracted students from all over the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Estonia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Greece, UAE, Ukraine, Mexico, Lebanon, Brazil, Iceland, Uzbekistan, Kazakhastan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Ivory Coast and Morocco.

The aim is to provide an educational, recreational, social and cultural experience filled with happy memories where new friendships are fostered and where returning the following year is a top priority!



Using Christ College, Brecon

Age Range: 12-17 years, boys & girls
Dates: 9th July – 23rd July
Changeover day: Sunday
Recommended airports: Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham


Bruton Courtyard 1

Using Bruton School for Girls

Age Range: 10-16 years, boys & girls
Dates: 12th July – 9th August
Changeover day : Wednesday
Recommended airports: Heathrow, Bristol

Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill

Using Burgess Hill School for Girls

Age Range: 12-17 years, boys & girls
Dates: 15th July – 12th August
Changeover day: Saturday
Recommended airports: London



Using Cranbrook School

Age Range: 12-17, boys & girls
Dates: 16th July – 13th August
Changeover day: Sunday
Recommended airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted.



Using Dover College

Age Range: 12-17 years, boys & girls
Dates: 10th July – 21st August
Changeover day : Sunday
Recommended airports: Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted.



Using Kingsley School

Age Range: 11-16, boys & girls
Dates: 9th July – 30th July
Changeover day: Sunday
Recommended airports: Exeter, Bristol


Owestry School House

Using Oswestry School

Age Range: 10-16, boys & girls
Dates: 9th July – 6th August
Changeover day: Sunday
Recommended airports: Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, East Midlands



Using Sherborne Prep School and Sherborne Boys’ School

Age Range: 9-14 years, boys & girls – Junior Course. 14-17 years boys & girls – Senior Course (weeks 1 & 2 only)
Dates: 4th July – 1st August
Changeover day : Tuesday
Recommended airports: Heathrow, Bristol



Using Stonar School

Age Range:10-16, boys & girls
Dates: 9th July – 6th August
Changeover day : Sunday
Recommended airports: Bristol, Exeter, London